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Students’ Union Responds to Abrupt Discontinuation of Student Accommodation

The Atlantic Technological University (ATU) Sligo Students’ Union has expressed deep concern and disappointment over recent decisions by Benbulben Court Apartments and Milligan Court Apartments to discontinue student accommodation bookings for the 2023/24 academic year.

This abrupt and untimely decision, announced on June 9, has left hundreds of our student members scrambling for alternative accommodation at a time when most other student accommodations in Sligo have been fully booked. This event has worsened the already critical accommodation crisis for our students.

The Students’ Union denounces these actions, which show a glaring disregard for student welfare and rights. The decision, characterised by miscommunication and a lack of transparency, is out of touch and insensitive, compounding the challenges students already face in securing affordable and suitable accommodation.

In response, ATU Sligo Students’ Union is taking immediate action to address this crisis and have initiated dialogue with Sligo County Council, the Department of Further and Higher Education, Innovation and Science, and other local stakeholders and community leaders to explore all possible solutions to accommodate our students.

Our top priority remains the safeguarding of our students’ interests, ensuring they have access to the necessary facilities and support to continue their studies unimpeded. This situation underscores the urgent need for a more robust and reliable framework for student accommodation in our community. We are committed to advocating for this and will provide regular updates as discussions progress.

President of ATU Sligo Students’ Union says: “As the President of ATU Sligo Students’ Union, and having been a resident of Benbulben Court Apartments for four years, this situation deeply saddens and frustrates me. I intimately understand the sense of community, security, and convenience that these accommodations provided. This abrupt decision not only disrupts the academic lives of our students but also tears apart the sense of home many have built over their years of study. The distinct lack of communication to students during the build up to this decision is also extremely disheartening. Students have been totally disregarded. I want to assure every student affected that we are fiercely advocating on their behalf and will continue to work tirelessly to try seek solutions. This is not just a professional commitment, but a personal one. In the face of adversity, we will remain resilient and united, like we have many times before.”

We stand in solidarity with our students affected by this predicament. Their resilience, perseverance, and dignity in facing this adversity are not only admirable but will undoubtedly be a driving force as we navigate this challenging situation.

The Students’ Union encourages anyone affected or concerned to reach out directly to us at support@atussu.ie. We are here to listen, support, and assist in any way we can.

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