In this section of the website you can find individual privately owner houses to let. Usually electricity, Wi-Fi, heating, bins etc. are not included in the rent and are split between the tenants. If you need help understanding, the terms of a lease or contract have a look at the national housing charity Threshold’s website ( they have amazing resources and helpful tips that are student focused.

Ensure you get a rent book (Always have a paper trail-you do not realise how important one is until you need it!). Make sure that your property owner’s letting is RTB registered!

Gortarowey, Drumcliffe, F91 W923 (10.9KM)

This property is owner-occupied
Gortarowey, Drumcliffe, F91 W923 (10.9KM)

Large bedrooms ,single occupancy,for rent in a quiet area. Owner occupied. Own transport advisable. Fee bases on week nights but ...