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Securing the right accommodation can sometimes be a significant challenge for students. To ensure a positive experience, it’s imperative to make a well-informed decision that leads to a living situation that complements your lifestyle. Here at the Students’ Union, we are committed to guiding you through this process, offering as much support as needed.

James McGarth, your Vice President for Wellbeing and Engagement, is our dedicated officer handling accommodation-related concerns. Should you need to contact James, you can reach him via email at support@atussu.ie. We also provide a call-back service (0719141887) from Monday to Friday, between 10:00 to 16:00, operated on a rotational basis. Due to an often high influx of calls, we recommend reaching out through email for a quicker response.

If you’re a landlord interested in listing with us, please register via this link. We look forward to partnering with you in providing excellent accommodation options for our students.

Accommodation FAQs

The ATU Sligo Students’ Union is a reliable source of guidance, particularly for first-year students, concerning student accommodation. This complimentary service, aimed to streamline the search for suitable accommodation in Sligo, is managed by the Students’ Union. To make use of our assistance, you may reach out via email at support@atussu.ie or through a phone call to (0719141887). We understand your busy schedule and offer a call-back option from Monday to Thursday between 10:00 to 16:00, managed on a rotating basis. Due to an often high influx of calls, we recommend reaching out through email for a quicker response.
#1 Rule: Never commit to an accommodation without viewing it first. Allocate a portion of your day for property visits. Endeavour to schedule 3 or 4 viewings within the same day to efficiently compare your options. It’s crucial to meet the landlord before making any commitments. This allows you to gauge the relationship you might have moving forward. Settle on a rental amount from the outset. Ensure clarity regarding the monthly charge and what it entails (Does it cover meals? Are utilities included? Are you responsible for rent during the holiday season? etc.). Iron out the specifics. If there are existing house rules or potential nuisances, it’s best to be aware of them from the get-go. Unaddressed issues can escalate into unnecessary disputes. Avoiding such predicaments is in everyone’s best interest.
Securing accommodation has grown more challenging, yet there remain unoccupied rooms. Starting from the first week of July, the Students’ Union will be actively updating a list featuring available Self-Catering and Digs accommodation. Be sure to keep an eye on our updates to find your next home away from home.
There are three main categories of Student Accommodation available in ATU Sligo SU;
  1. Purpose Built Student Accommodation,
  2. Self Catering Accommodation,
  3. Digs/Lodging.
More information of these accommodation types are available below.
An abundance of high-quality Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) is available within a 5 to 10-minute walk from ATU Sligo SU. Detailed descriptions of these providers are accessible here. PBSA is exclusively for students, with providers typically grouping first-year students together. The cost for a room in a PBSA ranges roughly between €4000 – €5800 for an academic year. The Students’ Union recommends seven primary providers:
  1. Clarion Village Student Accommodation
  2. Gateway Apartments, managed by Lakewood Letting
  3. Gateway Apartments, supervised by Winters
  4. The Grove Student Accommodation
  5. Lila Lake Isle Luxury Apartments
  6. Yeats Student Village
  7. Unirooms
Explore these options to find the perfect fit for your student living experience.
  • Several online platforms can assist you in your quest for accommodation across all areas of Sligo. You’ll find options in the Ballinode area, where the college is located, and the city centre, just a brisk 10-minute walk from the college. Room rates start from an affordable €90 per week. The optimal starting point for your search is right here on the Students’ Union’s website. However, the following links can also be of help:
    1. Students’ Union
    2. www.rent.ie
    3. www.daft.ie
    Happy hunting for your new home!
“Digs”, or home-stay options, are typically a bit pricier than private rentals, some of these include both breakfast and dinner. The cost for digs typically falls between €90 – €150 per week, and the services included can vary, such as utilities, meals, laundry, and more. Ensure to confirm what is covered in the cost. In most situations, you’ll be sharing the property with the landlord. Please note that the length of stay permitted can differ among providers. Some digs only permit a 5-night stay, while others allow for a 7-night stay. To explore this option, begin your search on the Students’ Union Website. It’s important to find a living situation that suits your needs and preferences.

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