Become a Class Rep

What is a Class Rep?

Class Reps are an essential part of IT Sligo Students’ Union. Class Reps are the “Voice of your Class” and represent the views of their class despite there own views. The Class Rep is the first point of contact for all Institute authorities with your class. The Class Reps are collectively responsible for deciding the policy of the Students’ Union.

If you decide to run for a Class Rep position your responsibilities will include;

  • Communicating information to your class and course lectures,
  • Attending SU Council and program boards.

Why would I be a Class Reps

  • This is your class, your college, and as a Class Rep you can strive to make the college experience of not only your class but every student in the college better,
  • You will gain brilliant skills for becoming a Class Rep such as; Leadership Skills, Organization Skills and Advocacy Skills,
  • You will receive Class Rep Training for the Students’ Union as well as training from the National Student Engagement Programme (NStEP),
  • It looks great on your C.V.


If you have any queries please contact Keelan Kennoy the Education Officer (