In March 2022, a significant referendum was held to consider the adoption of ATU Sligo Students’ Union’s revised Constitution. All registered students of IT Sligo (now ATU Sligo) had the opportunity to vote either Yes or No for the proposed new constitution. The outcome was overwhelmingly positive, with over 97% of students voting in favour of the new Constitution.

As outlined in the Constitution, a thorough review process is scheduled. By no later than April 30th, 2023, the Executive will present a proposal to the Student Senate, outlining the procedure for reviewing the current Constitution. This review will be discussed and evaluated at the November 2023 Student Senate meeting.

During the recent Student Senate gathering, a dedicated Constitutional Working Group was formed. The working group includes the Students’ Union President, the VP for Academic Life, the VP for Wellbeing and Engagement in addition to a number of other individuals. Together, they will undertake the important task of reviewing the Constitution.

But what exactly is a Constitution? A Constitution serves as a declaration of the fundamental principles and laws that govern a nation, state, or group—in this case, the ATU Sligo Students’ Union. It outlines the guidelines and regulations by which we, as a democratic organization, operate. The Constitution must be adopted by all members and provides the framework for our collective functioning.

In order to make any amendments to the ATU Sligo Students’ Union Constitution, a Referendum must be held. For such changes to be valid, at least 10% of the ATU Sligo membership must actively participate in the Referendum. Additionally, the outcome of any referenda will be determined by a two-thirds majority vote among those who participate.

The Constitution forms the backbone of our organization, ensuring transparency, fairness, and effective governance. Through the ongoing review process and the involvement of dedicated individuals, we aim to uphold these principles and continue serving the best interests of ATU Sligo students.

The ATU Students’ Union Constitution is available at this link.