Kilsellagh, Calry, Sligo, F91 F972 (4.6 KM)

Description of property

Under 5km from ATU Sligo. On the North of Sligo so no traffic issues in the morning. Owner occupied home. Parking. Usual Mod Cons. etc.
Would suit Apprentice C & J or Electrical or Other. All usual facilities. 100 per week including Bills. Farmhouse where you will be made feel welcome. An Apprentice will be in ATU Sligo or MSLETB in about 4 minutes.

Accommodation Provider Name: David Accommodation Provider Email: Accommodation Provider Phone Number: 0872740129 Address of Accommodation: Kilsellagh, Calry, Sligo, F91F972 Map to Location: Copy & paste the embed code to Google map of your property here. Accommodation Type: Digs Accommodation This Property is owner occupied. Rent Amount: 100 Rent Type: Weekly


Single Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1


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